Component Conversion Utility


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Component Conversion Utility


"The CCU is designed to minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. It allows users to define objects in a friendly GUI or to import code from a text/binary file or a database. Once components have been created or imported, the CCU can output many flavors of source code.

The app is perfect for n-tier development in which coders are generally forced to redefine objects in several languages (SQL, HTML/JavaScript, Java, etc.). Beyond just creating table definitions, forms and accessor/mutator methods (respectively), the CCU propagates validation code across several languages. Use the CCU to define basic constraints (String length, number range/precision, regular expressions, etc.) and the appropriate check constraints, JavaScript validation and exception handling code (respectively) will be created.

The CCU is also useful for creating backwards compatible or cross-platform versions of code. A handy SQL script, for instance, might have different syntax for various databases. Instead of managing multiple scripts, updates can be made in one place and multiple versions of the code will be output automatically.

Of course, it is impossible to do perfect translation of certain algorithms or concepts. It's much easier to debug CCU output than to rewrite something from scratch, though. The app will remember which of its guesses you wish to override. This means that when you make a slight update to your code, you won't need to re-address any of your previous output customizations. And when new languages are released, you can be reasonably sure that new versions of the CCU will allow you to extrapolate from your legacy code.

If you're developing an app server or a proprietary language, contact JShift ( for licensing information. It's much easier to sell a product if prospective customers have a way to port their existing code. JShift developers can create plug-ins for new languages in as little as a few months."

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