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A Haunted Halloween ScreenSaver  A Haunted Halloween ScreenSaver  

 A great Halloween Screensaver that isnt too scary. Its got all the elements with half the horror. Characters include mummies, vampire bats, monsters, zombies, witches, spiders, rats and more. Perfect for families, children, or anyone who prefers a playful Halloween. Be on the lookout for Frankenstein, as he only comes out every so often. Full stereo sound effects and background music make this a must have for your desktop this season....
Tags: desktop, music, sound, make, effects, background, for, vampire, out,

Random Name Generator to generate random names such as Chinese Names  Random Name Generator to generate random names such as Chinese Names  

 This random name generator allows you to make random names, such as chinese names, hobbit names, vampire names, whatever names you want. Plus you can add/seed the database with your own types of names if you wish....
Tags: database, make, generator, chinese, random, name, names, vampire,

Blade: Trinity Trailer  Blade: Trinity Trailer  

 Based on the Marvel comic book character, Blade joining forces with two vampire hunters part of a group called the Nightstalkers as they tackle the powerful and ruthless villain Danica Talos. After harvesting the superior blood of the ancestor of all modern vampires, Talos has resurrected the man now known as “Drake” (notice the modernization of the Dracula name) from a century-long sleep in the hopes of finally getting world control for all vampires. Blade, along with the band known as the Nightstalkers must stop them from unleash a virus that will kill all the vampires— but only are given on...
Tags: control, make, book, virus, world, stop, group, now, for, vampire, blood, powerful, part,

Vampire Revenge  Vampire Revenge  

 You are a ruthless vampire out to hunt for prey. Use your skills to feed on the humans that inhabit the surrounding city! Game is fun addictive and absolutely FREE!...
Tags: fun, addictive, feed, skills, for, vampire, out,

Stake Hunt Screengamer  Stake Hunt Screengamer  

 A screengamer is a screensaver and game combined in one. Take control of the vampire bat and use your stake to stab the ghoulish creatures on your desktop in a splat of blood. Collect all of the blood drops to grow larger and advance to the next level. All of the action takes place right on your desktop! The screensaver activates just like a normal one does, but pressing the right, left, up, down arrow keys allows you to take control of the bat to play the game. Hitting the space bar drops the stake, or manually drive the stake into the ghouls yourself. Hitting any other key or mouse movement ...
Tags: screensaver, game, screen, desktop, saver, control, action, space, play, drive, bar, mouse, key, into, keys, for, bat, vampire, blood, thebat,

Soul Reaver 2  Soul Reaver 2  

 Soul Reaver 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Reassume the role of Raziel and travel back through the currents of time into various eras of Nosgoth's past in your relentless pursuit of Kain. Encounter new enemies as you unearth the mysteries of Nosgoth's ancient races, and expose the schemes behind the corruption of the Pillars and the vampire genocide....
Tags: time, travel, into, back, vampire,

'Halloween Pumpkin Clock' Screensaver  'Halloween Pumpkin Clock' Screensaver  

 'Halloween Pumpkin Clock' Flash Screensaver by is an interactive screensaver featuring Halloween cartoon images and sound effects. Whatever supernatural creature you favour, the screensaver is a fun piece of software for ‘Trick or Treat’ fans of all ages. Designed as a cartoon Halloween lantern for your desktop, 'Halloween Pumpkin Clock' is a great way to countdown to Halloween. Featuring music and sound effects designed by composer Martin John Mayer. All the sound has been newly recorded especially for this release. Martin thoroughly enjoyed working on the Pumpkin Clock:...
Tags: screensaver, software, screen, music, clock, images, fun, sound, animated, me, watch, mouse, effects, cool, user, small, interactive, cartoon, volume, invisible, event, countdown, year, wishes, active, points, night, for, sounds, features, explore, vampire, monsters, army, remember, pointer, composer, aquatic, eyes, controlled,

Cyber-blood  Cyber-blood  

 When David meets the woman of his dreams in a Bondage and Dominance Chat room, he doesn't know how right he is. As his encounters on-line become more and more intense, his dreams become more and more horrific. His nightmares soon manifest into real life as a trail of blood and death splash across Canada and The United States. David's friends first admire his new found confidence and strength, but they soon learn to fear the monster he is slowly becoming. Can even the combined efforts of his real lfe and on-line friends and a mysterious vampire hunter save David from the curse of Cyber-Blood?...
Tags: save, learn, fear, into, life, real, vampire, blood, friends,

Vampire Slayer  Vampire Slayer  

 Vampire Slayer is a simple, fun game. You'll play the role of a young girl in a city cemetary where you'll have to take out as many vampires as you can. The goal is to eventually reach the master vampire and win the game. You only have a very limited amount of health, so you have to play fast....
Tags: fun, play, win, city, master, vampire, out,

Pokemon04  Pokemon04  

 Pokemon game from webcrawler metasearch. children in japan who suffered epileptic seizures after watching a japanese cartoon would have probably developed seizures regardless of whether they . the epilepsy foundation has issued new guidelines to help avoid rare cases of seizures triggered by flickering lights from tv and video games. Pokemon pictures, videos and albums that take you on an armchair tour of the world we live in. Pokemon pictures, videos, images and albums from webshots. beat the elite ten times and then catch tangelo under pallet town and then talk to pro oak and he wil give you...
Tags: game, video, picture, images, help, children, screenshot, watch, magic, world, tv, film, draw, japanese, pro, talk, hand, live, star, videos, case, for, vampire, albums, beat, people,


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