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VirtualTour ver 4.0

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  Platform : Unix/Linux  
  Category : Web Author -  Scripts  
  Developer: Inc.  
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  License : Commercial  
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Ever want to show your place to the world? This is a fun and easy way to make a tour. Just take some pictures around
your house with your digital camera. Stand in your front hall, take a picture, turn 90 degrees, take another picture, turn 90 degrees, take a third picture, and so on-- all through your house. Upload them to your web server, and your tour is almost ready. The actual process of assembling the tour together can be a little confusing. . . I need to improve the process so it's more intuitive. The directions are laid out in the script, so when you download it, take a look. . . if you're still confused then email me and I'll try to get you started. Each room can have a description, as well as five exits. The exits are displayed as buttons: North, South, East, West, and Door. Each room can also have a hyperlink which points to anywhere on the internet. This script can keep track of visitors, allowing you to 'hide' objects in rooms that can be picked up; it remembers what room returning visitors were in, what they had in their posession, and more. The potential is good for making interactive games. apple



Tags: email, download, web, fun, pictures, easy, make, digital, me, script, show, track, process, interactive, good, points, for, improve, objects, house


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