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BytesRoad SafeLauncher ver 1.5

  BytesRoad SafeLauncher
  Price : 9
  Platform : WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003  
  Category : Information Management -  Automation Tools  
  Developer: BytesRoad Software  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations :  
  Size : 636KB  
  Date added :  
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Software Description:

BytesRoad SafeLauncher


If you have ever used RunAs utility, which is supplied together with the Windows, then SafeLauncher is the best
choice for you. SafeLauncher may be considered as the container for the application s-list/' onMouseOver="tip('infobox1')" onMouseOut="untip()"> application s you usually use. You may add any application into this container and execute it under the required account. It has a nice user interface and provides you with a fast and simple way of running the application s. Use the icon in the system tray, the main window of SafeLauncher or shortcut to run the application from the container. When you minimize SafeLauncher it disappears leaving the icon in the system tray. This icon may be used for fast execution of any application in the container. Context help together with detailed documentation will make your acquaintance with SafeLauncher quick and easy.

People often work on their computers under the account which belongs to the local administrators group. But not everybody realizes that any program he or she runs may do whatever it wants with their data. For instance, when you run the Internet Explorer you believe that it has nothing to do with your data, but due to vulnerabilities inside it there is a chance that some malicious code downloaded from the web site could be executed inside the Internet Explorer. So we end up with a 'malicious program' running on your computer with unlimited privileges. Sure the antivirus software can detect that and fire an alarm, but most of the time this happens with well known malicious code and the antivirus has nothing to do with the code which it sees for the first time. In this case, a better solution is to run the Internet Explorer under the account that doesn't belong to the administrators group and has fewer privileges than the account you are usually working under. So even if the malicious code gets executed it will fail to steal any data or infect your computer. In the worst case the Internet Explorer application gets crashed. apple



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