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JGo ver 5.0

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  Platform : Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  WinXP,  Windows2000,  Unix,  Linux  
  Category : Business -  Editors and Tools  
  Developer: Northwoods Software Corporation  
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  License : Commercial  
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  Size : 2700KB  
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Use JGo to build custom interactive diagrams, network or process or workflow editors, flowcharts, or software design
tools. JGo includes many predefined kinds of nodes, links, and basic shapes including text and images. It supports layers, groups, subgraphs, scrolling, zooming, selection, drag-and-drop, clipboard, in-place editing, tooltips, grids, printing, overview window with panning, and a palette for draggable nodes.

Links can have labels and arrowheads, and their paths can be straight, rounded, or Bezier with different kinds of Pens and routed to be Orthogonal. Predefined node types include Comment, BasicNode, IconicNode, TextNode, SimpleNode, GeneralNode, and SubGraph.

JGo is 100% implemented in Java using Swing. Its Document/View/Tool architecture is very flexible and powerful. The classes provide many properties and overridable methods to make it easy to customize the appearance and behavior.

JGo includes extensive and useful sample programs with complete source code that you can modify and recompile. Sample applications include MinimalApp, BasicApp, IconicApp (simple examples), Flower (a generic MDI app that includes a palette, overview window & toolbar), FamilyTree, Classier (browses the Go.NET classes), Demo1 (demonstrates how to do various things), WebWalker (for displaying relationships between web pages), and Processor (draggable labels and routable links).

JGo also includes extensive documentation in the User Guides and a Reference Manual.

The optional automatic layout components support rearranging the nodes in a diagram to make it easier to understand. JGo AutoLayout supports force-directed autolayout, incorporating electrical charge, gravitational mass, and spring length and stiffness), and layered-digraph autolayout, for tree and hierarchical organization of directed graphs.

There are no run-time royalties or deployment fees for JGo components. apple



Tags: software, web, network, text, design, easy, programs, make, code, using, automatic, tree, source, window, components, process, source code, custom, basic, interactive


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