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XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0 ver 8.0

  XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0
  Price : 549.00
  Platform : Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP  
  Category : Business -  C and C Plus Plus  
  Developer: ucancode software  
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  License : Demo  
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  Size : 17578KB  
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Software Description:

XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0


The XD++ Class Library is a set of classes built on the Microsoft Foundation Classes. Xtreme Diagram++ was designed
from the start to be a reusable class library

XD++ supports Documents, Views, and Graphical Objects such as rectangles, ellipses, polygons, metafiles, text, bitmaps, and lines. Objects can be grouped together in a hierarchical structure, forming arbitrarily complex visual objects from basic XD++ objects.With XD++ add in tool you can easy definition of specialized graphical objects containing other objects

The XD++ View object supports mouse-based object ipulation, including selection, resize, moving,alignment,oderment,and "active" dragging (moving a visual image, not just an outline).

The XD++ Document object supports MFC archiving, making it easy to save and restore graphical objects, visual layout, and application-related data.

XD++ also provides support for composing and manipulating graphs (node & arc diagrams).

The XD++ Class Library is designed to be flexible and extensible. All objects are easily subclassed for application-specific specialization. New graphical objects can be easily added to the existing framework.It also supports double-buffering, real-time dragging, and Windows metafiles for full-resolution printing


XD++ also provides a Form Editor that can be placed in any window of an MFC application. Graphical components, such as button, editbox, listbox, tab, combobox, image, and static etc, can be dropped onto the form and manipulated by the user. Over 50 types of common graphical components is included with the Library so that developers can create customized graphical components.

XD++ provides the functionality needed to interact with graphical components on the Form. Features such as drag-and-drop, scaling, spacing, snap-to-grid, and undo/redo are provided. The flexible, object-oriented a apple



Tags: tool, create, library, easy, restore, save, form, visual, class, window, components, printing, basic, start, support, set, graphs, object, for, objects


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