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GeoDataSource World Land Features Database (Gold Edition) ver June2008

  GeoDataSource World Land Features Database (Gold Edition)
  Price : 499.95
  Platform : Win 3.1x,  Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.x,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003,  Windows CE,  Palm OS 1.0,  Palm OS 2.0,  Palm OS 2.1,  Palm OS 3.0,  Palm OS 3.1,  Palm OS 3.2,  Palm OS 3.5,  Palm OS 4.0,  Palm OS 4.1,  Palm OS 5,  Pocket PC,  Symbian,  OS/2,  OS/2 Warp,  OS/2 Warp 4,  MAC 68k,  Mac PPC,  Mac OS X,  Mac Other,  Unix,  Linux,  MS-DOS,  BEOS  
  Category : Utilities -  Business Finance  
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  License : Data Only  
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Software Description:

GeoDataSource World Land Features Database (Gold Edition)


GeoDataSource Land Features Database Gold Edition contains land feature names in original language and English,
feature type classifications, country names in FIPS and ISO, regions and sub-regions. Database in text format suitable for applications requiring a complete list of city names. It is a subset of the GeoDataSource Structural Features Database Premium and Gold Editions. Please visit for more information. Mountain, Hill, Island, Locality, Point, Area, Peak, Mountains, Pass, Ridge, Cape, Rock, Hills, Islands, Plain, Valley, Spur, Tribal area, Slope, Depression, Rocks, Dune, Peninsula, Region, Forest reserve, Beach, Cliff, Gorge, Upland, Pan, Polder, Atoll, Park, Grazing area, Plateau, Sand area, Mound, Field, Headland, Escarpment, Mesa, Ford, Section of island, Agricultural colony, Interdune trough, Promontory, Oilfield, Volcano, Land-tied island, Oasis, Desert, Salt area, Nature reserve, Karst area, Spit, Port, Peaks, Cone, Reserve, Butte, Irrigated field, Bar, Nunatak, Canyon, Sinkhole, Lava area, Gap, Cirque, Sandy desert, Saddle, Terrace, Blowout, Dry stream bed, Crater, Coast, Cleft, Wildlife reserve, Military base, Levee, Industrial area, Gasfield, Hammock, Isthmus, Shore, Snowfield, Business center, Nunataks, Stony desert, Blowhole, Reservation, Talus slope, Delta, Rock desert, Valleys, Clearing, Fan, Pans, Fissure, Artificial island, Hunting reserve, Beach ridge, Coalfield, Interfluve, Section of peninsula, Moraine, Hanging valley, Housing development, Mining area, Drainage basin, Maneuver area, Caldera, Beaches, Cuesta, Divide, Points, Naval base, Agricultural reserve, Concession area, Gravel area, Cultivated area, Economic region, Section of valley, Asphalt lake, Section of plain, Cirques, Palm tree reserve, Badlands, Boulder field, Petroleum basin, Battlefield, Common, Corridor, Mangrove island, Reef, Rockfall, Artillery range, Ravine, Peat cutting area, Slide, Bench, Hill, Arctic land, Meander neck, Lake bed etc. apple



Tags: text, list, format, tree, language, city, type, original, applications, stream, feature, for, names, country, complete, cutting


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