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GeoDataSource World Water Features Database (Premium Edition) ver June2008

  GeoDataSource World Water Features Database (Premium Edition)
  Price : 299.95
  Platform : Win 3.1x,  Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.x,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003,  Windows CE,  Palm OS 1.0,  Palm OS 2.0,  Palm OS 2.1,  Palm OS 3.0,  Palm OS 3.1,  Palm OS 3.2,  Palm OS 3.5,  Palm OS 4.0,  Palm OS 4.1,  Palm OS 5,  Pocket PC,  Symbian,  OS/2,  OS/2 Warp,  OS/2 Warp 4,  MAC 68k,  Mac PPC,  Mac OS X,  Mac Other,  Unix,  Linux,  MS-DOS,  BEOS  
  Category : Games -  Database and SQL  
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  License : Data Only  
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  Size : 42KB  
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Software Description:

GeoDataSource World Water Features Database (Premium Edition)


GeoDataSource Water Features Database Premium Edition contains water feature names in original language and English,
feature type classifications, country names in FIPS and ISO, regions and sub-regions. Database in text format suitable for applications requiring a complete list of city names. It is a subset of the GeoDataSource Structural Features Database Premium and Gold Editions. Please visit for more information.Stream, Intermittent stream, Lake, Wadi, Well, Bay, Spring, Reservoir, Cove, Reef, Shoal, Marine channel, Waterhole, Canal, Pond, Marsh, Ravine, Water tank, Waterfall, Fjord, Harbor, Inlet, Irrigation canal, Wells, Rapids, Glacier, Tidal creek, Channel, Lagoon, Strait, Swamp, Pool, Sabkha, Ditch, Underground irrigation canal, Bank, Distributary, Lakes, Intermittent lake, Wetland, Salt lake, Stream mouth, Seamount, Intermittent pond, Navigation canal, Anchorage, Bog, Sound, Gulf, Anabranch, Section of stream, Basin, Drainage canal, Canyon, Canalized stream, Sea, Bight, Stream bend, Bank, Roadstead, Reef, Intermittent wetland, Ridge, Moor, Lake bed, Tidal flat, Mud flat, Section of intermittent stream, Section of lake, Oxbow lake, Docking basin, Trough, Valley, Tablemount, Ponds, Seamounts, Headwaters, Reach, Knoll, Lake channel, Trench, Rise, Wadies, Plain, Fracture zone, Plateau, Navigation channel, Narrows, Abandoned well, Crater lake, Salt, Section of wadi, Lost river, Aqueduct, Fishing area, Shoal, Spur, Abandoned canal, Reefs, Escarpment, Icecap, Wadi mouth, Abandoned watercourse, Seachannel, Fishponds, Wadi junction, Intermittent salt lake, Terrace, Irrigation ditch, Current, Dock, Estuary, Gap, Ocean, Intermittent ponds, Fan, Hill, Section of canal, Intermittent lakes, Confluence, Salt pond, Banks, Intermittent pool, Hot spring, Slope, Irrigation system, Hole, Salt evaporation ponds, Cordillera, Mound, Mangrove swamp, Section of reef, Streams, Section of harbor, Intermittent oxbow lake, Saddle etc. apple



Tags: text, list, format, language, water, city, type, original, applications, feature, for, names, country, complete


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