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Sciral Consistency for Windows ver 1.1

  Sciral Consistency for Windows
  Price : 25
  Platform : Win98,  WinME,  Windows2000,  WinXP  
  Category : Utilities -  Personal Info Managers  
  Developer: Sciral  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations :  
  Size : 379 KB  
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Software Description:

Sciral Consistency for Windows


Calendars keep track of tasks where you need to coordinate with others by setting fixed times and intervals. To-do
lists keep track of tasks that you will do once, and that you need to keep in order by priority. But there's another class of activities for which neither traditional calendars nor to-do lists are optimal. You're probably trying to wedge these tasks into those tools, but they really call for a new kind of tool: Sciral Consistency. The kinds of activities or tasks you use Sciral Consistency for share a number of attributes: 1) They don't have deadlines or rigid time intervals, 2) In order to gain their benefits, you must perform them on a regular basis 3) You shouldn't do them too frequently or infrequently, 4) They require minimal coordination with other people, 5) They are often "routine" tasks for which you have not established a habit, and 6) They are "important, but not urgent." Some simple examples are watering your plants or physical exercise. If you examine your life, you may find a surprising number of activities unique to you in both your personal and professional life that could benefit from more CONSISTENCY. Each Sciral Consistency document is a matrix where each row is a task you want to do consistently, and each column is a calendar day. At the intersection of each row and column is a cell that is color coded depending on whether you completed the task that day, and whether the task was pre-due, due, or overdue on that day. Each task has its own unique range of days where it makes the most sense to perform that task again. As you mark tasks complete, the color coding automatically updates, and over time you can get a sense of how consistently you're doing your tasks according to the target ranges you set just by observing the color patterns. The best way to understand Sciral Consistency is to use it! apple



Tags: time, calendar, find, color, document, personal, task, class, track, tasks, best, share, simple, number, professional, set, into, life, automatically, call


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