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SqlAnswersMail ver 3.1.5

  Price : 386.53
  Platform : Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003  
  Category : Business -  Database and SQL  
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  License : Shareware  
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  Size : 4407KB  
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SqlAnswersMail 3.1.5 Overview

SqlAnswersMail is based on the lightweight SMTP protocol, which provides for a
reliable server-side solution that works across intranets as well as the Internet. SqlAnswersMail features a redundant mail server configuration where if a primary mail server fails, the processing is automatically redirected to a backup mail server. This redundant configuration provides for superb uptime.

SqlAnswersMail is compatible with xp_sendmail, and therefore the migration path from xp_sendmail is very short. There is a way to switch from xp_sendmail to SqlAnswersMail without modifying any of the existing SQL code.

SqlAnswersMail supports PDF, Excel, RTF and HTML output. PDF documents are compressed using the industry-standard Flate compression, which makes it a perfect option for sending large resultsets.

SqlAnswersMail supports queuing and consolidation. For example, if a user gets 50 notifications a workday, SqlAnswersMail can be configured to queue these notifications during the day and then send them out in a single consolidated email after the workday is over.

SqlAnswersMail implements zip compression. A DBA can specify whether to zip each file individually or combine multiple files in a single attachment. A DBA can also password-protect attachments, which provides for another level of security.

The mail-merge feature of SqlAnswersMail allows a developer to designate a query as a mail-merge source and then display the fields from this query anywhere in a message. In general, itís possible to embed results of a query in any part of a message including body, recipients line, and subject line.

SqlAnswersMail can load a web page from a URL and then use the content of this page as the HTML body of a message. A DBA can further specify whether to embed images, stylesheets and scripts or to resolve all SRC and HREF attributes to an absolute form, so a message can be displayed on any workstation that has access to the Internet. apple



Tags: email, file, web, backup, mail, server, files, access, zip, using, message, scripts, page, send, source, display, developer, query, content, web page


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